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Eagon Industrial Co. (Eagon USA Corp’s parent company) was established in 1972 in Inchon, Korea at a time of economic boom in the Korean plywood industry and expanded its plywood production capacity to a milestone of 100,000 cubic meters per year in 1978.

In 1980, Eagon became the first Korean company to develop marine container flooring plywood and began to diversify its customer base away from ordinary plywood. In the same year, Eagon USA Corp. was established in the United States as Eagon's wholly owned subsidiary to supply raw materials and semi-finished products to Eagon and to third parties.

Currently, Eagon has five overseas subsidiaries and two overseas offices engaged in a variety of activities, from wood products and windows to other building materials. As sourcing for raw material became increasingly difficult and more costly, Eagon in 1989 established Eagon Resources Development Company in the Solomon Islands and acquired logging rights to 300,000 hectares of virgin forest from the local government. Eagon established Forestal Lautaro S.A. (now Eagon Lautaro) in Chile in 1993 for the production of veneer and plywood. Eagon established Eagon Pacific Plantation Limited for logging and reforestation activities in the Solomon Islands in January 1996.

Domestically in Korea, Eagon is diversified into:

Eagon Industrial Co. LTD: Manufacturing and distribution of various wood products, ranging from industrial plywood to engineered wood flooring products.
Eagon Windows & Door Systems: Premium high-tech windows and doors, curtain walls (projects) for residential and commercial.
Eagon Environments: Environmentally-friendly wood products, outdoor projects and other large scale contractual projects.

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